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It takes many families and individuals to make the Muir Lake Community the amazing place that it is. Muir Lake offers many opportunities for those that want to get involved. Please check out what's involved/required in all the positions. If you are interested in joining please complete the Volunteer Form and we will be in touch with you shortly. 


Executive Board Positions

Monthly meetings required

President - Burke Atkinson

Vice President - Aine O'Connor

Directors - Cliff Goerz & Hermann Gratzfeld

Secretary - Melissa Vasilin

Memberships - Amy Babichuk

Website Editor - Chantel Lavoie

Fundraising - Lori Baryluk

Sports Coordinator - Amy Babichuk

Events Coordinator - Wendy Roberts

School Liaison - Deanne Johnson

Social Media - Carman Kelley

Maintenance - TJ Russell

Non-Voting Positions

Meetings not required

Playschool Liaison - Jessica

Ham & Turkey Bingo Coordinator - Melissa Vasilin

Markets Coordinator - Barb Gratzfeld

Garage Sale Coordinator - Michelle Kellar

Halloween Coordinator - Deanne Johnson

New Years Coordinator - Michelle Kellar

Kids Ball Coordinator - Vacant

Kids Soccer Coordinator - Vacant

Adult Ball Coordinator - Barb Gratzfeld

Coaches(Sports) - Vacant

Commissioned Board Positions

Monthly meetings required

Treasurer - Tara Filliol

Rental Coordinator - Maureena Goerz


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