Muir Lake Hall is dependent on volunteers to run the Spring Sports Program

This is a FUN League, there are NO Boundaries. 

Game nights are under the direction of Parkland Fun Ball and Soccer League and include teams across Parkland County. Our home fields are at Meridian Sports Park (MSP).


Away games may be at Blueberry, Duffield, Graminia, Onoway, or Wabamun. All teams are co-ed and team placement is determined by the player’s age as of February 28 – players may play up an age level (with a waiver) at the discretion of the coordinator. Weather permitting, the season runs mid April to mid June with a Sports Tournament Weekend held in June. A fun wind-up event will end the season.

Shin guards are MANDATORY for all age levels. Soccer socks are optional, but shin guards must be covered at all times. Regulation shoes are also optional, however, no metal or pointed cleats allowed. Jerseys will be supplied by MLCL.


All teams, except U6 have a 1-hour practice on Mondays at Meridian Sports Park

(either 6:30 or 7:30).
Travel/home games are 1 hour on the following nights:

  • U6– Wed 6:30 (ages 4&5) - One practice/game night, no travel
    Players must be 4 on or before Feb 28 to participate

  • U8 - Tues 6:30 (ages 6&7) 

  • U10 - Thurs 6:30 (ages 8&9) 

  • U12 - Wed 6:30  (ages 10&11) 

  • U15 - Tues 7:30 (ages 12, 13 & 14) 

Registration is $50/per player + $20 Community League Membership/per family + $175 fundraising deposit per family (paid up front and refunded after bingo/casino).


All our kids’ sports programs run with parent volunteers, therefore, no coaches, no teams.

Coaches & Assistants are offered reduced fees.

Kids Soccer Image.png

Important Dates

Online Sports Registration 



Kids Season

Starting the week of April 18th (weather depending)


Sports Tournament

June 10-12

 We are currently looking for a Sports Coordinator!

If you are interested in volunteering or coaching please email

Please follow the registration instructions below as they have changed. 

To register for Kids Ball:

Step 1: Sign up for a Muir Lake Membership. You will receive a emailed PDF membership card. The membership number provided on the card is required to register for sports (payment is separate from the sports registration) 

Step 2: Complete the Sports Registration Form. One form is required for each child. (you will be able to make one payment for all sports registration and the fundraising fee at the end of the form)

Step 3: Join the Kids Soccer Facebook Page.

If you are having issues completing any of the forms, please email our administrator,

they will get back to you a soon as possible.