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Adult Ball


Registration is $1000/per team includes free membership to Muir Lake Community League, and 15 roster spots.  


$1000 fundraising deposit/per team. 

Game nights are under the direction of Parkland Fun Ball and Soccer League 

and include teams across Parkland County.

Season starts the middle of April (weather permitting) and ends at the end of August.


Games are a modified fast pitch softball. All teams are co-ed and require a female pitcher.

There must be a minimum 3 male and 3 female players on the field.

To register for Adult Ball:

Step 1: Complete the Adult Ball Registration Form. (Payment must be received before the season starts)


If you are having issues completing any of the forms, please email our administrator, they will get back to you a soon as possible. 

Team must fulfill 10 fundraising commitments; any commitment spots not filled will result in a deduction of $175 per missing commitment to a maximum of $1000.00

Important Dates 

Online Sports Registration


Adult Ball

(start is weather permitting)


Masters Ball 

(start is weather permitting)

Year End Tournament


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